Requirements for File Submission

You can use other design programs to create the entire yearbook. For your conveinece, we have prepared the check list of file set-up requirements to ensure your yearbooks are printed at optimal quality. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions how to set up the files properly.



How to Prepare Press-Ready Files for Printing?


1. Convert all RBG images into CMYK color.


2. Check if final image has enough resolution (at 300 ppi/dpi min.)


3. Check if all images within page layout are at 100% image size.


4. Check if the black text is  in 100% single black (CMYK 4 color black unless purposely prepped like so).


5. Check if all text pages have enough bleed (1/8” min).


6. Check if cover has enough bleed for wrapping (0.75” min) over the case board (applies to hard cover only).


7. Save the file of the cover case as a separate file.


8. Check the reader’s pagination and make sure that p1 is the first page on the right when the book is turned.


9. Check the pagination of the end sheets. There should be four pages of end sheets on the front and four on the back.


10. P1 of the front end sheet is glued down to the case board located at the front.


11. p4 of teh back end sheet is glued down to the case board located at the back.


12. There are a total of 6 pages of printable end sheets.


13. Save the end sheets in a separate file.



While Exporting or Saving the Document into a Press-Ready Pdf file, please take the following notes.


1. Use the “Press Quality” settings or high resolution custom.


2. Include: crop mark (trim marks), registration marks (center marks), color bars, page information, and 0.125 in. marks offset.


3. Save each page as a single page so we can paginate it during the plate-setting process.







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