Online Yearbook Program

"Your online program makes our lives so much easier!"




Design yearbooks as a single project or in sections, whether at school, at home or in your design studio. Collaborate with your students or fellow team-mates using the full-featured software or the simplified online application. Build from scratch, or use templates and embellishments from a vast online collection.






Import a standard PSPA database to make editable class pages in minutes. Make corrections, add portraits and quickly reflow panels. Thrill your fellow students with access to thousands of decorative embellishments, textured papers and an astounding array of templates. Make your yearbooks your way!





Add your specific dimensions, custom permissions, and set page counts per school. Provide proprietary content to your schools. Optionally allow your schools to make non-yearbook projects as well, such as posters, flyers and brochures, for printing at our facilities.






"It is easy to learn the program. It is not difficult at all. It only took me 30 minutes to flow all of the PSAP files."

The Yearbook Software conveniently comes with two versions: Online and Desktop

You can choose either one of the versions or choose both to give your yearbook class more flexibility.




No installation

Automated cloud storage

Simplified editing tools 

Full access to template and clipart collections

Unlimited PSPA database import – best for smaller databases

Cloud-based proofing and rendering

Team management tools and Book ladder

Photo uploader 

Publisher collaboration*

*Requires internet connectivity

Best for: Restrictive school labs, home schools, elementary schools and middle schools. It can be used by high-schools or universities to import images that are created in other programs such as Photoshops or InDesign. Great for importing PSPA files from a click of a mouse.





Windows & Mac installation

Cloud* or Local storage

Full-featured tools

Full access to template and clipart collections*

Available as small or large PSPA database import

Cloud-based proofing and rendering* 

Team management tools and Book ladder

Publisher collaboration*

*Requires Cloud storage & internet connectivity

Best for: Advanced designers, yearbook class of high schools, large projects.


"The cloud storage allows me work anywhere and I do not have to be worried about losing the data."

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