System Requirements for the Online Yearbook Program



PC: Pentium 4 (SSE2) or faster. Operating Systems: Windows XP (Service Pack 3) through Windows 10
Mac: Intel CPU required – 450 MHz or faster, X11 (Quartz) required. Operating Systems: OSX 10.6 through 10.10

Memory Requirements: Minimum 1.5 GB ram (less that 100 page project), 3GB + is recommended.

Display resolution: Minimum 1024×768

Disk Space: 100MB free required, more recommended: Downloaded content from the online marketplace / remote storage can consume a lot of space)

Internet Access: A working e-mail account for licensing information, high-speed internet access is strongly recommended.

Networking info: URL Whitelist – Exceptions for web filters: Add a wildcard unblock for the following domains. This should exempt these domains from URL and keyword filtering: * *
Firewall Port Settings: Port 80: For Marketplace Content; Port 21: For Uploading Projects to Publisher; Port 443: For 
Binary transfers should be enabled and soap headers should not be filtered

User Permissions: For Windows, complete read/write permissions should be allowed to C:/ProgramData/LumaPix (Vista-Windows 10) or C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/LumaPix (Windows XP)



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