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“It’s not the plan that’s important, it’s the planning.”

How to Plan Before Designing a Yearbook

The first secret to creating a successful yearbook is to map the project out before you put a single image to canvas. The bulk of your time will be spent organizing image and determining the flow of your book into page and sections. Once this work is done, the page design process will be simple. 

Read more.



How To Make Your Yearbook Personal

Step 1: Use your school colors- if your school has a color theme, use it on your main pages, outside and inside covers, messages from the principal, general news, and panel section, etc. Read more.



How to Design a Yearbook Avoiding Clutter

 The #1 problem with most yearbooks is using too many images per page. Be selective! Overcrowding your pages with dozens of tiny images will essentially make it difficult to see any of the photos. Read more.



How To Design A Yearbook With Consistent Styling

Well-designed yearbooks use color, font and style to create a “Look.” A consistent look can carry itself throughout the entire book, or sections within the book. Read more.

Panel Navigation for Lumapix Yearbook Fusion

Here, we provide the screen shots which give you the "step-by-step" tutorials of the panels. The time you spend in learning the tools on the panels will save you a lot of time and frustration later on. Click here.


Locating Missing Images in Lumapix Fotofusion

1. Click on Find Missing >> this will show what pages have disconnected images.

2. Click on Select All Button at the top.

3. The images that are missing will be shown in the 2nd place, along with a blank thumbnail next to them. Read more.









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