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A dust jacket of a book, also known as the book jacket, dust wrapper, or dust cover, is the detachable outer cover.  Usually made of paper and printed with text and illustrations, this outer cover has folded flaps which attach to the front and back book covers.  The back flaps or panels of a dust jacket often contain the printed biographical information about the author, a summary of the book by the publisher (known as a blurb), and/or criticisms or praise from celebrities or authorities in the book’s subject area.  Although the dust jacket serves as a promotional tool, it also acts as a protective shield to guard against damage to the book.


The photo to your left demonstrates a creative use of the ordinary dust jacket.  Jay Ho, yearbook adviser, along with his 2015-2016 yearbook staff from Duarte High School, worked in collaboration to produce this innovative idea of placing a panoramic photo of the senior class on the inside of the dust jacket.  Students get double the value for their purchase: a printed yearbook copy and a free panoramic shot of the 2016 graduating senior class.  United Yearbook is so proud of their innovative design, both in creativity and functionality. 

This photo to the left shows the opening of an oversized page in a book specifically folded to fit the same size as the other pages so that it can be opened out and read or looked at. This paper folding technique is called "gatefold." This style is commonly used to feature a panoramic photograph of a graduating class in a yearbook. How about using this technique for your school's yearbook this year? It will make a dynamic memory!

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