List of Topics of our Workshops

Your school proposes the topics, our trainers from United Yearbook Printing deliver the workshops to your classroom.




In this photo, our trainer, Donna was giving a workshop on "marketing" the yearbooks.






- Adobe Illustrator

- Adobe InDesign

- Adobe Photoshop

- Online Yearbook Program



- Creative Writing

- Basic of Graphic Design

- Journalism

- Marketing of Yearbooks/Promotion of Yearbook Sale

- Photography



- Collaboration

- Communication Skills

- Leadership

- Team Building

- Time Management

- Yearbook Marketing

- Telemarketing Sales of Yearbook






In this photo, our trainer, Jayde was giving a workshop on "color thoery" and "layout design".





Other Popular Topics:

- How to prepare the layout files for optimal press-result?

- How to write proper Photo Captions?

- How to auto-flow PSPA files from disks to InDesign?

- How to auto-flow PSPA files from disks to the Online Yearbook Program?

- How to automate the work-flow the yearbook process using InDesign?


Haven't found what you're looking for? Please suggest a topic!





In this photo, our trainer, Dr. G was giving a workshop on "team-building".

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