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             Create life-changing memories                & empower your Yearbook family! 

Sam, Jackie, and Ha, former yearbook managers, returned to their alma mater, GGHS, to enthusiastically celebrate with Stacey, 2017-2018 yearbook manager, at the Reveal Party this past May!  It turned into a large family reunion party!

United Yearbook® creates a culture  

which inspires innovative, creative thinking and builds empowering leadership!



United Yearbook® helps reduce your stress resulting from debt of unsold yearbooks, and builds leadership potential in students who use innovative precise skills.


United Yearbook® produces each yearbook through offset printing and library binding. Combining advanced design capabilities,

cost-effective printing ...


Our yearbook creation software comes with online and desktop versions. The workflow has a short learning curve, uncomplicated & understandable.

What our customers say about Us!  

Students and parents of St. Didacus Parish School shared positive feedback with United Yearbook!

United Yearbook® does not limit your potential! 

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Our Services

United Yearbook® creates a culture which inspires innovative,

creative thinking and builds empowering leadership!




United Yearbook® continually develops a growing catalog of bound yearbook volumes.  The students in your yearbook class exude creative potential which we desire to capture and treasure.  


United Yearbook® understands each school is different. Therefore, the agenda and topics of each yearbook workshop are customized according to the needs of each yearbook class. 


United Yearbook® delivers our cutting edge approach, which combined with your talents will allow your students to create that  "coffee table" style yearbook of unleashed imagination.

United Yearbook® Ignites your Passion for Leadership!

At the annual Career Fair of Aspire Preparatory College Academy, our yearbook representatives

inspired the students by sharing their personal work experience.  

Your Stories Matter!

Behind each achievement or a successful yearbook class, there is also a team of yearbook advisers and staff who work sacrificially to help the rest of the student body achieve a common goal. This platform serves to recognize these individuals and inspire others to do the same, and acknowledge their influence and significance in the classroom and beyond.  We hope you enjoy each featured story we bring, and we welcome you to share how these stories inspire you!

United Yearbook® celebrates the Results!

Each member of the yearbook staff of Garden Grove High School received public recognition while at the Reveal Party!


Download HP Reveal (formerly Aurasma) and follow "UnitedYearbook" to discover all the gems hidden in the yearbooks (augmented reality).  Don't forget to check out the virtual environment under our UYB brand while you are searching!









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